Single Premium Financing

We are the intermediary between our distributors and renowned insurance companies (all with S&P's AA or above rating). Armed with professional experience and knowledge in the insurance industry, we take each client's business as our responsibility


to tailor the best insurance programs to meet his or her needs.Leveraging upon our strength, we focus on managing the unique insurance requirements of high net worth individuals. We bring together varied capabilities to offer unparalleled knowledge of the issues facing these individuals. Whether the issue is personal wealth and risk management, estate planning or asset protection optimization, debt repayment on death, or liquid tax-exempt cash to remaining family members, we bring an added level of service to our clients in the following scope:

ĦE Develop new financial and insurance products with
ĦE Provide training and market support to intermediaries
ĦE Provide a complete analysis of client's needs and
     present coverage
ĦE Investigate and review in the marketplace for the best
     available plans (offshore products and plans in
     particular) to meet the needs that could not be
     addressed in the respective locality
ĦE Compile proposals and submit a detailed report
     including benefit, coverage and cost comparisons.
ĦE Arrange premium financing to suit client's needs (if
ĦE Provide a professional recommendation
ĦE Provide after sales service and support in enquiries,
ĦE Keep clients timely informed of new product and plan
     that may be of concern to them.

Viatical and Life Settlement

If you are seeking high yield, low risk, fixed return, capital guaranteed investment for yourself or your clients, give serious thought to Viatical and Life Settlement. In the USA, a growing number of people in their old age or who encountered terminal illness are selling off their life insurance to 3rd parties through Life Settlement Providers for immediate cash rather than waiting for the death benefit. A secondary market for life insurance has been growing rapidly creating investment opportunities at the institutional or private placement level.

Life insurance policies of all types issued by top-rating insurance companies can be sold to investors at a discount. The investors hold on to the policy until maturity that is when the insured person dies. Evaluation is done by independent experts base on medical and other considerations. Investors can typically reap up to 25% yield compounded per annum. If the insured person should die earlier than expected, the rate could be even more spectacular. Some Viatical and Life Service Providers offer financial bonding or "stop loss" insurance to hedge against this extension risk.

BIS is currently an exclusive agent of Universal Settlements International Inc. (Canada) in Hong Kong and China. We can provide services and help our clients and business partners to access this exciting investment opportunity.

Other Insurance and Specialty Products

As a professional and comprehensive brokerage house, we provide all types of life and general insurance products including offshore and local universal life, whole life, term, annuity as well as investment linked insurance products in addition to other general insurance plans.

We also provide international health plan that offers lifetime guarantee and worldwide cover to satisfy needs of premium clients.